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Choosing House Painting Tools

Any paint job grows dull and gets some degree of scrapes and dings over time. You might decide to add a coat of varnish to your baseboard or a new layer of paint to your kitchen cabinets to bring them back to life. Before you go scrambling to find a paintbrush and a can of paint, take some time to think about the tools that you need to do the job right. Even minor touch-ups can mar the entire wall or piece of furniture when you don’t get quality tools to apply the paint.

paint brushes

Paint Brushes

Paint brushes are one of the most essential painting tools used for all types of interior and exterior painting. Small paint jobs are often completed entirely with a brush. However, all paint brushes are not the same. Using the wrong type of brush for the type of paint that you apply could result in the brush losing its shape and no longer applying the paint evenly to the surface.

There are basically two types of paint brushes, including those made from natural hair and those made from synthetic materials. Natural brushes are usually the material of choice for applying oil-based paint, while synthetic brushes are recommended for use with latex paint.

DuPont offers a modified nylon paint brush called “Chinex” which can be used with all types of paint, and it also offers easier cleanup, which extends the life of the brush. The more often you use any painting tool, the more important it is to invest in high quality.

The Essential House Tools for Homeowners at Marietta, GA.

Paint Rollers

Rollers are often used to paint areas like ceilings that would otherwise be difficult to reach. Like brushes, paint rollers differ in features that are better for one type of paint or the other. For use with latex paints, rollers should have a synthetic nap, while oil-based paints should be applied with a roller that has a synthetic or natural fiber cover.

The nap lengths for various surfaces varies as well, but a good general rule to follow is that smooth surfaces should be painted with a roller that has a short nap, while rough surfaces are easier to paint with rollers that have a long nap.

man plastering wall

Other Painting Tools

Some painters like to use paint pads to reach into small spaces that can be difficult to get to with brushes or rollers. The majority of paint pads are made from mohair or foam, but either type can be used to apply all types of paint. Although they are disposable, you still want to purchase quality pads to get better coverage.

A paint sprayer is the tool of choice if you want to cover a large area quickly. These tools come in a large variety of sizes and configurations, from affordable home sprayers to commercial quality tools. There are also those that are light enough to carry, while others must have wheels to transport them.

In some cases, the quality of the painting tools you use are more important than others. If you decide to give Rover’s house a new layer of paint to spruce it up, you probably aren’t all that worried about going through the professional process for painting to get optimal results.

The same may be true for an old barn or storage building. The most important choice you will need to make in these cases is to choose the best quality paint that is designed for exterior painting so that it holds up longer against the elements. If your goal is to give any interior or exterior paint job a rustic appearance, or you want to add texture, your choice in paint will be an important one toward making the results turn out like you picture them.

painted wall exterior

Getting A Professional Paint Job

No one goes to the trouble of picking out paint and paint tools to paint their home with the expectation that it won’t look great. To get results that you will be proud of, quality paint tools are essential.

At the same time, tackling a large exterior or interior painting job in your home will reflect the knowledge you have about painting and the degree of thought and skill you put into it. To get real professional results that will truly make your house stand out, call Dixon Painting. We have the skills and the best painting equipment to produce a professional looking paint job that has quality written all over it.

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