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Repainting Your Home

Planning to repaint your home may seem like a straightforward task, but painting veterans will tell you that it requires much more thought than you would think. Interior and exterior painting jobs alike have various difficulties and obstacles that can only be bested by superior technique. By preparing properly beforehand, you can ensure that your paint job doesn’t require too many touch-ups (or an entire repainting) in the near future.

Interior Painting:

  • Lay down tarps or drop cloths to protect your carpet or flooring.
  • Remove the small furniture that you can, and cover any furniture left in the room.
  • Paint the main surface areas first before you get to the corners and bottoms.


Exterior Painting:

  • Cover outdoor items and plants with large drop cloths or tarps.
  • Pressure wash the exterior of your home to remove any excess dirt or grime
  • Fill in any open cracks, cracked wood, or deteriorated areas before you begin painting.
  • Apply a primer coat to any exposed wood to protect from the elements.

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