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If you have been thinking of having an additional room added onto your house, converting an existing garden shed may be a better alternative. Most garden sheds end up being the place where you put all types of things you don’t want or will never use again. Turning it into a useful living space serves two purposes in one; getting rid of the old stuff you don’t want, and starting with a good foundation for your new addition. It is the ultimate recycling project! Depending on the size of your shed, there are multiple ways that you can use your new room, including:

  • A guest room where visitors can stay close, but not too close
  • A studio for your artwork, pottery, etc.
  • Playroom for the kids
  • A room for an independent teen
  • An entertainment room

To transform your shed into a functional room, you will need to start with the basics before you add your own personal touches.


Electricity is a must-have for any type of room, and it should meet coding regulations. This may be the one area where you need to rely on a professional to do the job correctly and safely. Think about the type of lighting you want available, and the number of outlets you need to support all of the electric devices that will be used.


Plumbing may not be a necessity unless you are planning to put in a toilet and sink. Even then, there are other options for toilets such as those made for mobile homes or incinerating types. If you do, connecting the pipes to your existing plumbing system may be something you can do yourself without a major investment.


The majority of pre-fab storage sheds are made with open framing. Even if you live in a warm climate, it is a good idea to add a layer of insulation and put drywall over the top to keep either heated or cooled air inside and make your new room more comfortable and weather resistant. Just be sure to add plumbing before you take this step. Also, you may want to consider professional interior painting to finish the walls in a way that will add to the beauty of the room.


Natural light and air flow are essential for the comfort of your new room. If it doesn’t have any windows already, plan on installing two at opposite sides of the room. This will increase airflow and increase the amount of light coming into the shed throughout the day.

Air Conditioning and Heat

Few climates are perfect year round. To meet your heating, air conditioning, and dehumidifying needs, look for a single-unit solution that does it all. Mom Advice recommends the NewAir AC-100000H Portable Air Conditioner & Heater Unit that also features a timer that allows you to set it to cut off when it is no longer needed.

On the Outside

Once the inside is complete, it’s time to look at the exterior. You want to make it match your home as closely as possible. If it has been a long time since you have had your main house painted, or your siding has outlived its usefulness, this is a good time to consider exterior painting or siding replacement that will protect and improve the looks of your home while coordinating with your new room addition. Otherwise, try to match the finish of the new room as closely to that of your house as possible.

Finally, add the finishing touches that will make your new room a more inviting living space. If it is in fairly close proximity to the main house, consider putting a barbecue or fire pit with some chairs in between the two structures. Add some flowers and/or garden plants to make the perfect finishing touch. Call Dixon Painting at 770-644-1992 for professional painting, siding replacement, or gutter installation to achieve the professional level results you want for your new addition.