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Home Improvement & Painters in Duluth, GA

Dixon Painting is Duluth, GA’s trusted provider of exterior house painting and other home improvement services. Homeowners in the area rely on our professional team to enhance the look and functionality of their properties. Your home’s exterior is a reflection of you, so make sure it looks great for all passersby. We have spent nearly two decades offering comprehensive home improvement services such as interior painting, exterior painting, siding and gutter installation, and more. Our experts are committed to exceeding customers’ expectations by providing on-time completion of exceptional projects with careful attention to detail. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for your home.

We Can Revitalize Your Home’s Interior and Exterior

When people drive along your street or through your neighborhood, you want them to notice your home for its alluring exterior. When you invite guests inside, you want to present a warm, inviting setting for your gathering. Dixon Painting can help your home in Duluth, GA achieve both goals. We provide comprehensive home improvement services to revitalize or enhance your home’s interior and exterior. Our specialties include:


Interior Painting

If your home’s interior does not match your style or if you simply want to change its aesthetic, Dixon Painting is here to help. We have a team of interior painting specialists who can transform your living room, bedrooms, kitchen, and more with a fresh coat of paint. Sometimes, quick fixes like interior door painting can refresh your home. Whatever your vision is, we can help you realize it.

Exterior Painting

Neighbors driving past your house will quickly pass judgment about you based on your home’s appearance. Make sure you make a good impression. Cracked, faded, or peeling paint can be an eyesore. Let Dixon Painting remedy that with exterior painting services in Duluth, GA. We are even proficient in painting exterior bricks to revamp your look.

Siding Installation

Damaged siding can leave your home vulnerable to mold growth, wood rotting, and other interior issues. If you notice your siding beginning to bend or pull away from the surface of your home, request a free consultation from our specialists. If needed, the team at Dixon Painting can provide siding installation to restore your home’s appearance and function.

Deck Services

A deck is a perfect place to relax and enjoy a summer sunset, so be sure to maintain yours by protecting it from the elements. Excessive Peach State heat can dry your deck’s wood or cause its color to fade, but Dixon Painting can help prevent such problems. Our deck services in Duluth, GA include cleaning, painting, and staining. Call us today for a free inspection and estimate.

Garage Floor Services

Whether you use your garage as an area to work, socialize, or store belongings, you want it to be presentable. Our garage floor services will seal your floor with a coat of epoxy to protect it from stains and tire marks while also making it easier to clean. This long-lasting solution is available in a wide array of colors to match the style of your garage.

Gutter Installation

Without gutters and adequate downspouts, your home would be prone to water damage from storms. Gutters provide protection by diverting water away from your home’s foundation, thus safeguarding your basement and landscaping. Dixon Painting employs gutter installation experts to serve Duluth homeowners.

Contact Dixon Painting in Duluth, GA Today

We know that you take pride in the appearance and performance of your home. Our highly-skilled team of professionals can help ensure that it meets your high standards and impresses your friends and neighbors. Dixon Painting is proud to deliver exceptional interior and exterior painting services as well as siding and gutter installation for homeowners in Duluth, GA. Contact us today to get started.