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House Painting and More in Marietta, GA

The team of professional contractors at Dixon Painting is adept at performing home improvement installation services for homeowners throughout Marietta, GA, and beyond. Over the course of nearly two decades, we have developed a reputation for being consistent, completing projects on time, and exhibiting high-quality craftsmanship. Our team is fully licensed and insured, and we are capable of completing projects of all sizes. When you are embarking on a home improvement project in Marietta, GA, call Dixon Painting to learn about our list of services.

We Provide A Wide Range of Home Improvement Services

After a pleasant day with your family at Marietta Square, you want to be able to return to an exquisite home that makes you proud. Dixon Painting is an area leader in home improvement services, so call us if there is anything you need to refresh or improve. We perform many home improvement services, including:

Interior Painting

Our interior painting contractors specialize in refurbishing and renovating homes and businesses in Marietta, GA. Our exquisite interior painting services are guaranteed to impress. We complete every project with care, ensuring that we not only improve the look of your interior but also protect all of your belongings in the process.

Exterior Painting

After we repaint your home or office’s interior, you will want to complement that fresh look with a new coat of paint for the exterior. Our qualified professionals deliver exceptional exterior painting services to restore or transform the look of your house, improving its curb appeal and value.

Siding Installation

Siding is your home’s first line of defense against the weather, some pests, and even fire. Dixon Painting performs siding installation for homeowners throughout Marietta, GA and beyond. We use long-lasting materials and products made to withstand harsh weather conditions so that your home is as reliable as it is beautiful.

Deck Services

One of life’s simple pleasures is enjoying a cold drink on your deck. Dixon Painting offers deck services to ensure that the setting for that relaxing beverage is in excellent shape and looks good, too. We can pressure wash, paint, seal, and remodel your deck, so call us today to start planning your improvements.

Garage Floor Painting

Dixon Painting can help transform your garage floor from a drab concrete look into a showroom finish. Our garage floor painting services involve applying a coat of epoxy paint that resists grease and oil, hides imperfections, cleans easily, and looks marvelous.

Gutter Installation

A gutter system is necessary to funnel water away from your home and protect its foundation during storms and disasters. Our experts can perform gutter installations in Marietta, GA using materials such as galvanized steel, painted aluminum, copper, PVC, and more. Call us today for help determining which is best for your home.

Contact Dixon Painting in Marietta, GA Today

Your home is likely the biggest investment you will ever make. You want it to be strong, efficient, and visually-appealing. Dixon Painting can help ensure it has all of these qualities and more. We complete home improvement services in Marietta, GA with unmatched precision and expertise, with a singular focus on satisfying our customers and helping them achieve the homes of their dreams. Contact us today for a free consultation.