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Pros, Cons Resurfacing Kitchen Bathroom Cabinets

The kitchen and bathrooms are the rooms in a house that show age first, particularly when the cabinets become faded or outdated. You may want to update your cabinets to make your living space more attractive or to increase the value of your home before placing it on the market.

Depending on the degree of damage and how dramatic you want the makeover to be, including the cabinets in your interior painting and perhaps changing the knobs may be enough. If the finish is in poor shape, doors or drawers are no longer working appropriately, or the style has become outdated, your choices are to either completely replace the cabinets, or reface them to give them a new appearance.

cabinet refacing


Replacing the cabinets in the bathroom is not usually as extensive a job as that of the kitchen cabinets. To resurface kitchen cabinets, the doors, the fronts of drawers, and the knobs are replaced. New veneer is applied to the visible parts of the cabinets to give them the appearance of new cabinets. According to, cabinet refacing costs about half as much as replacing the cabinets with new ones. Considering that kitchen cabinets often cost thousands of dollars, the savings makes cost one of the pros of refacing.

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Replacing all of your kitchen cabinets means taking everything out of the cabinets and drawers, and then replacing them once the new cabinets have been installed. There is also a lot more mess when the fixtures are being removed from the walls and floors, often leading to significant mess in one of the most used rooms of your home. Cabinet refacing only involves the front of the cabinets, unless there is damage to shelves or drawers that requires them to be emptied. In most cases, you can leave everything in its current place.

Environmentally Friendly

Homeowners, builders, contractors, and everyone involved in the construction of homes are looking for environmentally friendly materials and methods more than ever. The goal is to prevent adding to the non-biodegradable materials in the landfills whenever possible. Refacing cabinets is the most environmentally-friendly method of improving kitchen cabinets while still getting the modern look you want. You can get a new, modern-looking kitchen without throwing out the old cabinets.

Better Quality Cabinets

Although your cabinets may be old and have a dull finish, they may also be of a much better quality of materials and construction than the new ones available from your local building store. If the quality is good, and you only need the cabinets to be “refreshed,” adding a new face will allow you to maintain the same high quality you have already been enjoying for years, without paying a price that you can’t afford.

In some cases, cabinets may be too old or poorly built to make cabinet refacing a good choice. If you are unsure of whether your cabinets are a good candidate for resurfacing, contact Dixon Painting for an estimate. Also consider our interior painting services to update the rest of your kitchen for a modern look that complements the entire room.

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