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Once you have made the decision to put your home on the market, the next goal is to make any changes you can to bring up the value without over-investing. Painting is one of the easiest ways to bring new life into a room and give it a more modern appearance. Painting is a cost-effective solution when it is kept to a minimum. While the cost of professional interior and exterior painting may pale in comparison to a renovation of a single room, you don’t want to spend money where it isn’t necessary. Instead, determine which areas to target and give them the professional quality paint job that will stand out.

When To Paint

Rooms that are still in good shape with no more than a few smudges or scrapes on the wall can be easily repaired without needing to paint them. Use a magic eraser to remove any marks. Did the kids take the magic markers to one of the bedroom walls? Using the same color as the other walls may show that the paint has aged enough to be noticeable. Consider painting this wall in a contrasting shade to cover the marks and create an accent wall.

Any walls that are damaged should be repaired prior to adding paint. Otherwise, the damage will show through and look like it was painted for this reason. If any of the rooms are painted in dark or bright colors, these should be painted over. While some people can see the potential in a room with brightly painted walls, many cannot. Consumers want to buy houses that they feel they could live in comfortably from day one.

Choose Your Colors

The selection of colors you use for the home should be limited to neutrals, including whites and off-white, beige, and gray. These colors allow the prospective buyer to look at the rooms as more of a blank slate than a finished project. These colors go with all types of furniture so they know that the home will be a good fit and it is ready to move into. As tempting as your favorite colors may be, they probably aren’t going to be the best choice if you want to get the best price for your house.

When To Paint The Exterior

Although painting the inside of the house will make an impression on potential buyers who are considering the inside of your home, you must get them over the threshold first! We all know about curb appeal, and the appearance of the home itself is the most significant factor in whether a buyer wants to see more.

If the outside of the house is chipped or peeling, you need to hire professionals who offer all the services that make exterior painting more effective. Pressure washing will remove loose paint, mildew, and other surface damage to create a smooth surface. Also, professional painters have the equipment and skills needed to get into tight areas and apply paint evenly for the best quality job.

Make sure you include every area of the exterior that needs a refresher coat of pain, including the front door. This is one area where you may be able to veer from the neutral palette to create a front door that has personality and is welcoming.