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Painting Your Home

There are a number of factors that determine how long you should wait before giving your home its next color of paint. These differ, between interior and exterior painting, but rooms inside the home are often painted more frequently than the outside. This is partly due to the use of cheaper paint often being used indoors, and the changes in trends that the homeowner is likely to go through!

Paint Choice

The quality of paint used on the interior will make a difference in the durability of the paint job, but so will the amount of traffic in the rooms. It will also depend on whether the existing paint was applied by interior painting contractors with the knowledge of paints, sealers, and application techniques.

As far as durability goes, a professional paint job should last for at least ten years under normal circumstances. If you paint inside your home using lower quality paint, or one that has a matte finish, the durability is going to be minimal. These paints are more likely to look dirty and worn, especially since cleaning them is not a good option. Most of the time, though, it isn’t the condition of the paint that influences the decision of the homeowner to apply a new coat of paint.

Making A Change

Trends in certain types of colors come and go, often leading homeowners to make a change in their interior colors before durability even becomes an issue. Additionally, they may be unhappy with a color they have chosen and decide to paint over it just for their own personal satisfaction. In either case, the bright red color that they thought would be perfect for their bedroom may give way to a light shade of peach or even a classic white.

Painting The Exterior

Changes to exterior painting are not likely to be as frequent, because most homeowners don’t go with noticeably vibrant colors that are as likely to go out of fashion. On the other hand, if you want to cover a faded exterior to perk up the house, or you are ready to put it on the market, there is no more cost-effective way to improve your home’s looks than with a new coat of paint. There are also other factors that can cause variations in the recommended paint times, including the quality of the previous paint job, the climate, and whether adequate maintenance has been provided.

The advice experts give on re-painting homes varies greatly. Homes that are exposed to direct sunlight or which are near the salt and sand of the ocean will take a harder hit from their surroundings. Exposure to snow and ice during harsh winters can also impact the paint. For homes made of brick or stone, washing is all that is usually needed to maintain their appearance. However, don’t overlook the need to re-paint trim that is made of wood, or other paintable surfaces.

Summing It Up

The bottom line for knowing when to paint the inside and outside of your home is:

  • Use Quality Materials – The better the materials are that you use, the longer-lasting the paint job will be. Look for interior paint that resists stains and is easy to clean, to maintain your walls. For the outside, make sure the surface is properly prepared, and any damage repaired before applying paint, to make it last longer.
  • Know Your Environment – Some paints and painting techniques can make a difference in certain types of climates. If you know what your house is up against, you can use the paint that will provide the best barrier.
  • Provide Regular Maintenance – Indoors, this means removing smudges when they happen, to prevent them from becoming stains. Outdoors, check regularly for rot or peeling paint, and address any needed repairs.
  • Hire Professional Painters – Local painters who know the challenges of making any paint job last and who are familiar with the climate in your area will know the best products to use to get the results you want.

Keeping track of what is going on with the exterior of your home will be a good signal that it is time to paint. If the paint becomes faded or there are obvious signs of damage, it’s a good time to make the call!