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Outdated or Damaged Paint Are Signs It’s Time for a New Paint Job

Dixon Painting Offers House Painting in Atlanta & Marietta, GA

If your home has outdated or damaged paint that’s peeling, cracking, or fading, it could be time for a fresh coat of paint. Dixon Painting has offered house painting services to Atlanta and Marietta, GA since 2003. Our team works in the surrounding locations of Dunwoody, Johns Creek, Roswell, and other northern Metro suburbs. We put our customers first with every painting project, ensuring we meet or exceed your expectations. Our professional team is licensed and insured to serve you with the best experience. Our company offers the highest quality paint with lasting results that will save you time and money. Customers have chosen us for years, providing us with a high referral rate. If your paint job is damaged or dull, give us a call and schedule an assessment today.

How Do I Know When It’s Time to Repaint My Home?

All homes require repainting at some point to help preserve the life of their exterior and interior. An essential factor to consider is the right timing for a new paint job. If you let the paint wear down for longer than it should, it could create more profound damage to the building materials. Paint is a covering that protects all surfaces. We offer house painting services to restore your home’s look. If you notice any of the following, it may be a sign to call us:

  • Your house is looking dingy
  • The paint color is outdated
  • The paint is damaged (peeling, cracking, or fading)

Why Is My Paint Bubbling?

Paint bubbling is a common occurrence resulting from underlying surface problems. As the new paint dries and pulls away, pockets of air or water form underneath. Some pop on their own, resolving themselves. Others harden once the wet paint dries, resulting in unwanted blemishing. The cause is dirt, moisture, or extreme heat affecting the paint. Thankfully, it can be corrected. However, the root issue must be addressed first, or you will continue to have the same problems. The simple process for fixing bubbling paint includes the following:

  • Remove the damaged paint
  • Prepare the surface
  • Repaint

What Does Fading Paint Color Mean?

If your house does not look as vibrant as it once did, it could be due to fading paint. This is an issue that happens over time and cannot be avoided. However, you can extend the paint’s life by taking preventive measures. Exterior paint can become stained from dirt, mud, plants, and other natural causes. Sunlight can also make the color look dingy. Before you contact a professional for a new paint job, try pressure washing your home. If unsatisfied, let us help you restore your home’s exterior vibrancy. Cleaning your interior walls will also aid in deciding if you need a fresh coat of paint inside your house.

What Do Stubborn Stains Usually Indicate?

Most stains on the surface of your home are simply from markings or smudges. These are easy to fix by pressure washing or taking warm, soapy water and cleaning your walls. Other stains are more stubborn to handle. These could be an indicator that something deeper is happening under the surface. It signifies that material damage is setting in because the paint is no longer protecting your home. This means you should replace the affected materials before painting a room. Once repaired, you should have a professional painter apply a fresh coat or two over the new items.

What Could Paint Damage Indicate?

Paint damage could be a sign of a few different factors. Peeling, chipped, or cracked paint on the walls are all indicators that your paint job is at the end of its life. If you hire a professional, the first step they will take is to remove all damaged paint. This will be implemented into the interior painting cost. The same applies to any exterior damage as well. If the damage is not addressed, your home will be at risk for mold growth and other detrimental issues.

Entrust Dixon Painting for Exceptional Service

Our team is highly equipped to provide you with superior house painting services. We strive for thorough work while also offering a reasonable turnaround time. We will be ready at your service if your paint shows signs of cracking, bubbling, or fading. Dixon Painting also offers consultations with our color consultants. When you need creative help, our experienced consultants will give you house painting ideas. We work within your budget to make our services affordable. Entrust us to provide you with the painting services you deserve in the surrounding areas of Kennesaw, Alpharetta, and more. Call us today for an appointment!