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Update Your Home’s Look with Crown Molding Painting

Painting your home’s crown molding and trim can add a decorative finish to your walls. The professional painters at Dixon Painting offer crown molding and trim painting services for homeowners in the Atlanta, GA area. These valuable services can add style to your home. Crown molding might seem like a small touch, but painting this space can make a world of difference in your home. Our team can paint or stain your crown molding and trim. Our professional painters often receive questions about crown molding ideas and “what is crown molding?”. Crown molding is a type of cornice found atop your home’s doors, windows, cabinets, or pilasters. Keep reading to learn more about types of crown molding trim, how and why you should have this service performed, and what we can do for you. Get in touch with us today for an estimate on molding trim services.

Available Types of Crown Molding

Homeowners in Marietta, GA have options when it comes to choosing crown molding. We can paint all types of crown molding, including wood, polyurethane, flexible, metal, MDF, composite, vinyl, and polystyrene. If you don’t know what kind of crown molding your home has, we can help.

How We Paint Crown Molding

Painting crown molding and trim is a process that requires expertise. Painting your home’s walls is not the same as painting your crown molding. Our professional crown molding painters are trained in the right approach. We prepare for the process by selecting the proper prime, paint, and finish. Our attention to detail will result in a flawless finished product.

Crown Molding & Trim Services in Atlanta

Why Paint Your Crown Molding?

If you’re having your home’s walls painted, don’t forget about your crown molding. Trim and crown molding add contrast to your home and can visually break up walls while allowing for a vaster color palette. Trim often experiences a high traffic volume, and crown molding features intricate designs. For these reasons, your wall features require regular maintenance. Crown molding paint can add beauty to your home while boosting property value. If your home does not have crown molding, allow our experts to install it.

Painting Baseboards, Trim, Crown Molding, & More

Your home’s baseboards, trim, and windows are subject to a lot of wear and tear. Our team will maintain the paint’s integrity by cleaning the trim, using pre-prime, and adding quality paint. Crown molding adds sophistication to your home and can make a room seem taller. While crown molding helps define, having it beautifully painted can go a long way. Our professional painters use the best paints in the industry and pay attention to detail, so you’ll be delighted with the end results. We will visit your home anywhere in the Atlanta area and provide an estimate for service. Our team has been serving local homeowners since 2003 and can make your home beautiful inside and out with interior painting, exterior painting, siding installation, staining services, garage door coating, and more. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.