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Gutter Installation Services FAQ

If you’re considering adding new rain gutters to your home or having your existing gutters replaced, you likely have a lot of questions. The team at Dixon Painting is here to answer all your questions about gutter installation in Atlanta, GA. You’re in the right place if you’ve been searching for gutters near me, gutter installers near me, or rain gutters near me. Our experts will happily install new gutters for your home in Georgia, including in Marietta and the surrounding areas. We’ll answer questions related to how long it takes to install gutters, if gutter installation will add value to your home, how much gutter installation costs, why you should replace your gutters, the types of gutters available, how to clean gutters, how to install gutters, and more. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any additional questions we didn’t address.

Answers to Your Gutter Installation Questions

As gutter installation experts, our team often receives questions about our services. We’ve made things easy by putting together this gutter installation FAQ to address the questions we most often receive. Browse through them so you can become somewhat of a gutter installation expert.

How long does gutter installation take?

Most of our gutter installation jobs are finished in one day. Sometimes larger projects involving bigger homes can take two or three days to complete.

Will new gutters add value to my home?

Adding new gutters to your home will add value and may increase property value and curb appeal. The main cause of foundation damage for homeowners is inadequate drainage, and gutter installation will solve that problem.

How much does gutter installation cost?

Every gutter installation project is priced uniquely based on a number of factors, including the gutter material you select, the type of gutters you want, the size of your house, and the number of downspouts and corners. Contact us to get your estimate for gutter installation services in Atlanta.

Why should I replace my gutters?

If your home already has rain gutters, there are reasons why you should consider replacing them. Leaky gutters or gutters that retain water should be replaced. You may have older gutters that are no longer attractive, and having them replaced can boost your home’s curb appeal. Older gutters can become bent, causing clogs and drainage problems.

What types of gutters are available?

You have plenty of options when it comes to rain gutters for your home. The three main styles of gutters are K-style, box gutters, and half-round gutters. From there, you have your choice of gutter materials, including copper, aluminum, vinyl, and galvanized steel.

How often should I clean my gutters?

Determining how often to clean your gutters depends on how many and what kind of trees you have in your area. If your home has trees that shed and hang over your gutters, you should clean the gutters up to four times each year. Pine trees often leave homeowners cleaning their gutters more than other types of trees. If your property does not have many trees, you can get away with cleaning your gutters twice a year.

Which gutters are right for me?

Our team would be happy to help you choose the perfect gutters for your home. Factors to consider include the size of your house, the trees on your property, the amount of rain you receive each year, the materials you prefer, your preference for gutter style and color, and more.

Schedule Gutter Installation Today

Dixon Painting has been serving area homeowners since 2003, and we’d be thrilled to add you to our list of highly satisfied customers. We hope we’ve answered your questions about gutter installation, but we’d be happy to hear from you if you have any other concerns. Contact us today to schedule gutter installation service.