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Premier Staining and Sealing Services

At Dixon Painting, our highly-skilled home improvement contractors provide the best staining and sealing services in the area. Our premier services are tailored to meet your unique needs. We can enhance your fence, deck, or pergola with staining and transform the color into a richer, deeper tone. Additionally, staining will provide wood material with a protective coating that will help protect it from the elements, causing wear and tear over time. With sealing, we can help keep the staining effect on your fence, deck, or pergola for a prolonged period. Sealing will also enhance any wood material’s exposure, preventing wear and tear from damaging the staining on the deck. While many people opt to skip sealing services, we highly recommend them. They will preserve the results of any staining or paint job.

The Benefits of Staining & Sealing

When it comes to staining and sealing your fences, decks, pergolas, concrete, and more, there is a wide range of benefits. Not only does staining and sealing wooden fencing and decks make them look great, it ensures they will last longer as well.


Our fence staining services will keep your fence looking good while ensuring it lasts longer. This is particularly true for fences crafted from softwoods, like pine. Give us a call four to eight weeks after your new fence is installed, and we’ll professionally stain and seal it at an affordable rate.


If you want a beautiful, stained wooden deck added to your backyard or your old deck shows damage, our team can help. Our premier deck staining services will enhance your deck and bring it back to life, keeping it fresh for the years to come. Let us give your deck a brand-new look and feel according to your tastes and budget.


A pergola is an outdoor structure that consists of columns and a roofing grid. Pergolas can add beauty to your outdoor space while simultaneously acting as an escape from the elements. These architectural pieces provide shade, ventilation, light, and so much more. If you wish to maintain your outdoor pergola without worry about the climate or elements, staining and sealing are your best bets!


Staining concrete is a great way to freshen up an otherwise dull surface. Once your concrete is stained, we recommend you seal it as well. Sealing stained concrete will enhance the color, look, and luster. Additionally, sealing concrete will protect it from damage and ensure that any needed maintenance is minimal and manageable.

Trust us For Top of the Line Service

If you’re looking for staining and sealing services in Atlanta, GA, or any of the surrounding areas, Dixon Painting has you covered. Our highly-skilled home improvement contractors have years of experience providing state-of-the-art staining and sealing services to the local community. Contact us for state-of-the-art staining and sealing services, as well as any other home improvement services.

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