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Choose the Perfect Color for Your Home

Making sure your home has the right color scheme is paramount to creating the right aesthetic. There are plenty of color tools, apps, and color options to choose from, but where do you start? How do you know what colors work well together? How do you decide on a central theme? All of these questions and more can be answered by working with Dixon Painting for your color consultation services. Our team has years of experience helping homeowners make the most of their living spaces by assisting with and planning colors, designs, themes, and more. We help identify what paint and styles will work best in your space and recommend what’s currently in-trend and what will help you set the mood, sell your home quicker, and everything else color theory brings to your home. Contact us today to schedule your color consultation.

color consultant and clients discussing

What is a Color Consultant?

A color consultant helps you choose the right color for your living space that reflects your personality, likes, moods, and aesthetics. While interior designers transform your look and set their own plan in action, we use your existing décor and color to make our suggestions. We emphasize what you already enjoy and build off that, saving you money on redecorating and making sure you fall in love with your new color. During the initial consultation, we’ll chat about certain topics to get a better idea of how we can help. Some of the questions and topics we’ll inquire about include:

  • Size and shape of your space
  • Your furniture
  • Your desired ambiance
  • Your house’s palette
  • Influences you enjoy
  • Lighting
  • Undertones
  • Do you want to make the room larger or smaller?

We consider more than simply what color to paint walls. We take a look into everything involved in your room, from furniture to lighting. Sometimes, you may only need to paint a single accent wall. You will be amazed at how introducing complementary or congruent colors can create an entire mood.

Experts with Years of Experience

Our color consultants have years of experience helping homeowners throughout Atlanta make the most of their homes, whether it is for getting their homes ready for the market or creating the perfect aesthetics to feel right at home. We offer thousands of beautiful and unique paint colors to truly create your own space, no matter your style. Whether you have an idea of what you would want and enjoy, or you’re completely lost, that’s OK! We’re here for you! We provide all types of benefits to enhancing your living space, such as:

color sampling
  • We understand complex color theory
  • We follow trends and study timeless classics
  • Our team has a deep understanding of how paint works and looks once it’s finished
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility to enhance your rooms in ways you may not have thought of
  • Save you time, allowing you to relax instead of collecting paint chips from the hardware store
  • Save you money as indecisions and mistakes can cost you
  • We tie your whole home’s motif together to create a uniform, beautiful design

Choose Dixon Painting

We look forward to working with you on designing a beautiful new living space. We’re devoted to helping people throughout Atlanta enjoy their homes. Choosing paint colors can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Let us do the creative thinking and heavy lifting, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful new design without having to lift a finger. Contact us today to schedule your color consultation!

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