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How Often Should the Interior of a Home Be Repainted?

Consult Atlanta & Marietta’s Interior Painting Experts

Knowing how often to repaint your home’s interior can be tricky. Since 2003, Dixon Painting has offered high-quality interior painting in Atlanta and Marietta, GA. Our experienced interior house painters would be happy to advise you when it’s time to refresh. We’re proud of our strong referral rate and steady growth over the years. Our skilled painters have mastered the art of paying close attention to detail and staying up-to-date on new techniques and materials. If you need interior painting of any kind, we have you covered. Our services extend to the northern suburbs of Roswell, Milton, Alpharetta, and additional surrounding areas. Call us today for room painting prices and home painting ideas.

How Often Should I Paint My Kitchen?

Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home. It is the busiest in occupancy, from cooking for yourself to cooking for your family or a large party. Kitchens often feature stains, grease, and smoke splatters that build up over time. Before painting your walls, it is essential to have them thoroughly cleaned. Your kitchen should be repainted every four to five years to eliminate unwanted marks or smells.

How Often Should I Paint My Hallways?

Hallways see the most traffic since they lead to most rooms in the house. They can easily get scuffed up, scratched, or marked with fingerprints. You can wash your walls, but you’ll eventually need to have them repainted. Typically, this should be done every two to three years to keep them looking fresh.

How Often Should I Paint My Baseboards and Trim?

Like your hallways, baseboards regularly face contact with vacuums, pets, foot traffic, and toys. However, trims on doors and windows don’t bear as much direct impact. Crown molding is also usually out of reach from hands or feet. Baseboards should be painted every two to three years to maintain their clean appearance. Though other features in your home don’t need painting as often, they should be dusted frequently. You would be surprised how much dirt can wear paint down over time.

How Often Should I Paint My Bedroom?

Painting your bedroom depends on who occupies the space. The master bedroom and guest room can typically go about 10 years without any new coats of paint. If it is a child’s room, it wouldn’t hurt to paint the room more frequently. Children easily smudge and mark up anything that looks like a drawing board. Once they are old enough to stop doing so, consider throwing a fresh coat on the walls.

How Often Should I Paint My Ceilings?

Ceilings don’t necessarily need new coats of paint like your walls or baseboards. Since they are out of reach for contact, they stay clean minus dust and dirt that could collect over time. If your ceilings have noticeable water or mold damage, that is the time to think about cleaning up and repainting. Also, if you are giving your entire bedroom a new look, painting a coat or two on the ceiling to freshen things up wouldn’t hurt.

How Much Does Interior Painting Cost?

The cost to paint the interior of a house varies for many reasons. When considering having a professional painter do the job, they not only charge for the service. They will also implement a fee for labor costs to ensure they are getting paid for all necessary prep work. The painting project entails cleaning stains, sanding surfaces, and caulking or patching holes. Most painters will charge for service depending on the following:

  • Square-Footage – The size of your home will play a big part in your bill. More surface area means more material and labor costs. The overall range per square foot is usually $1 to $4.
  • Number of Rooms – Some painters charge by the room. Every room is unique in size and shape. This includes living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.
  • By Interior Surface – Painting the interior of your home includes more than walls. Cabinetry, doors, windows, appliances, and more all play a factor.

Why Choose Dixon Painting for Interior Painting?

We at Dixon Painting value your dreams and goals for your home’s interior. Our skilled team of professionals has several years of experience providing top-notch interior painting work. If you have damage or want a home makeover, we are equipped for any project. When you need another set of eyes to assist in color scheming, you can count on our color consultants to help. Let us provide you with a reputable service that will last for years. We’re proud to serve all Metro areas such as Kennesaw and Dunwoody. Contact us today for more information.