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Interior Painting Professionals

We’ve all done it; decided to change the looks of a room and run out to buy a gallon of paint. While those of us with the most vivid imagination can visualize what the room will look like once the job is finished, the reality rarely turns out the way we had hoped. That’s because painting is not the simple task that we perceive it to be.

woman holding paint

Save Money & Time:

  • To Save Money – The reason for making painting a do-it-yourself project in the first place is often to save money. Anyone who has ever made the mistake of tipping over a container of paint, or failed to thoroughly cover the furniture and flooring, can tell you that it doesn’t take long for the cost of damages to add up. When you hire Dixon Painting for interior painting in Marietta, you get the experience and attention to detail that have made us leading painters in Atlanta.
  • To Save Time – Doing the job right takes time. If you try to take shortcuts to get finished faster, the quality of the final product will show it. Professionals will take the time needed to ensure the walls are perfectly prepared and the paint applied properly. You will get the best possible results, without your having to take time away from other important tasks.
woman painting a wall

Get Outstanding Results

  • To Improve Walls – Over time, walls can develop chips, cracks, and other types of damage. Although good quality paint can cover minor damage effectively, repairs may be necessary for others. You can count on Dixon Painting to start with the perfect canvas for your paint job.
  • Get the Right Paint – There are different types of paint and finishes used for interior painting, with different prices, color choices, and advantages. When left to the novice, the choice in paint often comes down to color and price. Professionals know which types of paint will accomplish the desired effects, provide the best coverage, last the longest, and create the final results that you have in mind. Professionals also know which finishes are best for minor corrections that will end up making a big difference in the overall appearance.

man painting

Picking Your Colors

  • Color Guidance – Are you determined to paint your bedroom in your favorite shade of purple? Do you want to give the family room a dark green color for outdoor appeal? There are a number of factors that go into choosing the right color for any room. The wrong shade could cause the room to look too small or won’t blend well with the rest of the decor. A professional painter can provide you with the guidance you need to make a color choice that is good for you and the room.
  • Quality – No one wants to invest their time and money into a project in order to get lackluster results that look as unprofessional as they are. Professionals who have worked in all kinds of settings and who know the best approach to painting any room can provide you with the best quality results. The best way to get walls that look like they were painted by professionals is to have professionals paint them.

Keep Health in Mind

  • Safety – Unless you have low ceilings and four perfectly flat walls, you can expect to do some climbing, especially if you want to paint the ceiling. Do-it-yourselfers find, all too frequently, that falls can happen when they least expect them. There is also the issue of paint fumes and the hazards of sanding walls prior to painting. Without the proper ventilation products, you are vulnerable to paint fumes or lead exposure that can lead to serious health consequences.

Professional Services

If getting it your way is your primary reason for doing it yourself, choose the professionals who have the skills to turn your dream into a reality.

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