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The Best Way to Clean Walls in Atlanta & Marietta, GA

Have you ever asked yourself if it’s safe to wash your painted walls? Since 2003, Dixon Painting has shown how to clean painted walls in Atlanta and Marietta, GA. With every painting project, we prioritize the demands of our Metro area customers and make sure to fulfill their specific requirements. We offer our services to the northern suburbs including Roswell, Milton, and Johns Creek. Our team of experts is qualified and insured to provide you with the most incredible experience. Our business offers some of the best paint brands with long-lasting results that will save you time and money. We have had a strong referral rate from our clients choosing us for many years. If your paint job needs a good cleaning, we strive to educate our customers on the proper care. Call us with any questions.

What Will Ruin Wall Paint?

Most paint is designed to last for several years. However, some factors can ruin or downgrade the quality of your interior or exterior paintwork. Awareness of the types of surfaces you are painting on will initially aid in the outcome of the job. Climate and temperature can also cause various damages. It’s essential to consult a professional painter to ensure the best experience possible. This will save you money and time in the long run. The following are specific ways that wall paint can be ruined:

  • Using the wrong paint for the wrong room
  • Overabundance of daylight
  • Skipping prepping before painting

How Do I Know If I’m Using the Right Paint?

There are six different paint finishes that all serve their purpose. Each has qualities that are beneficial for various types of surfaces. It’s important to note which paint option to choose for your home. This will help the aesthetics of your interior and the quality of paint life for years to come. Think of the surface, activity in the room, lighting, and color when choosing the best paint finish. Be sure to consider the benefits of these finishes to know if you are using the right paint:

  • Flat – Flat paint does not reflect light. The lack of reflection hides minor surface flaws and is perfect for low-traffic areas and mid-to-low ceilings.
  • Matte – Matte paint is another low reflective finish. It has medium durability and absorbs light. This is a perfect option for lower-traffic areas to provide excellent pigmentation.
  • Eggshell – Eggshell finishes are primarily flat with a little sheen like a chicken’s egg. It’s best for dining rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms that don’t collect bumps or scuffs.
  • Satin – Satin paint has a subtle pearl-like finish. It’s the right option for moderate- to high-traffic areas. This paint’s only flaw is picking up on brush and roller strokes.
  • Semi-Gloss – This glossy paint has high durability and is sleek. It’s resistant to mildew, moisture, and wear. Semi-gloss finishes are great for kitchen cabinets and surfaces that need to be cleaned frequently.
  • Gloss – High-gloss finishes are prime for cabinets, trim, and doors. It’s durable and gleaming.

How Do I Clean My Painted Walls?

Caring for your painted interior will increase the longevity of the paint’s life and preserve its appearance. After your paint job, you must wait at least two weeks before cleaning any surfaces. As the coating settles in, it grows in durability. This will prevent any easy scratches when attempting to wash the walls. When you first try cleaning over the new paint job, be sure to include light, minimal strokes. Over-cleaning could lead to erosion. The type of cleaning will affect what you should do to take care of your surfaces properly. Learn how to clean painted walls:

  • Dirt and Scuffs – You could use warm water to clean most dirt stains for minor occasions. Avoid soap with dyes or sudsy detergents if you want to use a soapy substance. A damp rag or soft sponge will successfully do the job.
  • Grease – A mild grease-cutting cleaner like dish soap should wash away most grease stains. If heavier cleaning is needed, the best cleaner for painted walls is Simple Green®.
  • Pen and Permanent Marker – These markings are a little more difficult to clean thoroughly. Using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser® or Goof Off ® will prevent severe damage caused by scrubbing too harshly.
  • Mildew – You should never paint over mildew. Instead, create a 3:1 solution with water and household bleach. A rag or sponge is the only other element needed to clean the mold thoroughly. Keep the mixture on the wall for 20 minutes, apply more, then rinse the area.

How Should I Dry My Walls?

The hardest part of a paint project is waiting for the final product to dry. The process will take longer if the paint is thickly applied or recoated before the first coat is dried. This could also result in an uneven finish. It’s best to apply two thin coats of paint to your walls rather than one thick coat. Humidity and a warmer room temperature could cause your paint project to take longer to dry. It’s beneficial to have proper ventilation to avoid humid conditions. Depending on the paint finish, drying and curing time could take up to one month after the job is complete.

Trust Us for Your Paint Service Needs

Our professionals at Dixon Painting strive to provide you with the best experience possible. We not only offer house painting services, but we also educate our customers. Our locations span from Dunwoody to Alpharetta, Kennesaw, and other surrounding suburbs in the Metro area. If you want to know the best way to wash walls and maintain your paint’s quality, it’s our job to show you how. It’s essential to consider the paint finish and the type of cleaners. Our goal is to offer the highest quality service that will keep your paint vibrant for years. Let us be the company you call for any questions you may have. Call us today for a consultation.