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Learn From the Pros

Two problems often get in the way between you and the idea of what your home will look like after you get finished painting it. Whether an interior or exterior painting job, the average person doesn’t have the knowledge or the tools to get the kind of results they want. Even something as seemingly simple as an accent wall can turn into a long, complicated process that has you wishing you had never given your paintbrush the first dip into the paint bucket.

The bottom line is that if you want to get professional results, you need to invest the time and money it will take to do the job right.

Don’t Skimp on Drop Cloths

Professional painters always recommend removing all the furniture out of the room before you start. Even if you have it down to the flooring and light fixtures, you need to put down drop cloths that spilled drops won’t penetrate. Look into cloths made from canvas or plastic that won’t let drips through and which won’t slip when you walk on them.

man plastering wall

Start With a Perfect Wall

Every little dent or crack will show through after the paint has dried and age your paint job from day one. Pull out nails and fill in holes with spackle or painter’s putty, let dry completely, and then sand down smooth flush with the wall.

You also need to sand the entire wall to prepare it to accept the paint. If the existing paint is glossy, purchase a sanding sponge to get better results. Sanding can also prevent problems when you aren’t sure what kind of paint the existing coat is, and you want the new paint to adhere.

Clean the Wall

Use a sponge dampened with a mild cleaner and two buckets of water to wash and rinse the dust from the wall. Painting over dust will result in a bumpy wall that looks like an amateur painted it.

Get Quality Paint

If you decide to purchase the store-brand discount paint, then you should expect to get less-than-professional results from your efforts. Think about the room you are painting and what types of stains the walls will be most vulnerable to. Glossy paint is a better choice for kitchens and bathrooms where walls are more apt to need spot cleaning.

Get the Right Roller and Brush

You can purchase a plastic paint tray, roller, cover, and even a brush for just over $3 at the local discount store. Don’t! As simple as these tools seem, they come in different styles and materials that have specific uses.

The Essential House Tools for Homeowners at Marietta, GA.

Rollers with long naps hold more paint and are used to create texture, while shorter naps leave a smoother finish.

Paint brushes are made of either natural or synthetic materials. (There are also sponge brushes, but, again, don’t!) Basically, natural bristled brushes are used to apply oil-based paints, while synthetics are used for everything else. Also, an angled brush is used to paint along edges, while a flat brush gives you more coverage.

According to This Old House, loading your brush is just as important as starting with the right one. Dip it into the paint about 1-1/2” before tapping the brush against the can. This gets rid of the excess paint while driving what remains farther into the bristles.

Take Time to Get the Details Right

Areas like windows, doors, and trim are more detailed, and it takes longer to get them right. Don’t rush through, and make sure you get into the crevices and catch the drips.

Many do-it-yourselfers are surprised to learn that getting everything they need to get a professional painting job can be expensive and time-consuming. A more convenient way of getting professional results from exterior or interior painting in Marietta that you can rely on is to call Dixon Painting and put your home into the hands of the real pros with the best tools for the job.


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