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What You Need To Know

Once the existing siding on your home begins to peel, fade, or crack, the best alternative to improve the looks of your home is with siding replacement. With so many choices available today, changing the appearance and style of any home is as simple as replacing the existing siding with a better quality material than was available when the original siding was put in place.

Siding may be purchased in wood patterns, stucco, metal, vinyl, or composites. Although many homeowners have traditionally chosen vinyl for its relative low cost and ability to keep clean, one of the best options for low maintenance and durability is James Hardie© cement fiber siding.

Pros of Siding

In addition to its improved aesthetic appeal, there are number of reasons that siding may be a good idea for your home, including that it’s:

  • Resistant to ultraviolet light and other damaging elements
  • Easy to clean—dirt doesn’t stick
  • Doesn’t have to be painted
  • Long lasting

Cons of Siding

Of course, there are also some cons associated with siding, but most of these are related specifically to the material used. Some examples are:

  • Stucco requires multiple layers and can be labor-intensive and expensive.
  • Vinyl comes in 12-ft lengths that requires you to overlap ends.
nailing down a wall

Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is easier to break than real stone.

Wood siding requires regular maintenance to keep it clean, and stain and sealant must be applied regularly.

Veneer must be tied back to the building through the air space behind the siding to prevent it from moving if there are high winds.

The choice in siding should be based on the climate where you live and the style of your home. Some materials perform better under specific conditions, such as proximity to salt water or the potential for earthquakes. It is a good idea to have guidance from siding professionals to select the best type of material for your home.

white side house with sky

Overview of Fiber Cement Siding

Although this type of siding material is not new, it is now growing more popular with homeowners as its advantages become better known. Fiber cement siding can be used in all climates where extreme hot or cold weather can cause damage to other materials. It is also resistant to insects.

Fiber cement siding is often made from sustainable material that offers exceptional architectural appeal. James Hardie© fiber cement siding is made by a world leader manufacturer that sources 90% of their materials from regional suppliers. Their waste minimization and recycling efforts also make them one of the most eco-friendly companies of their kind.

More homeowners are concerned with the impact the materials they use have on the environment. When things have to be replaced frequently, the old materials often end up in the landfill. Once James Hardie© fiber cement siding is installed, it will last for the lifetime of the home with little maintenance. Refinishing is usually necessary after fifteen years, and the warranties behind these products show that they are as dependable as the manufacturer claims them to be.

The use of fiber cement siding gives homeowners more of the pros associated with replacing the siding on their house and removes the cons of other materials. To get the best results from your siding, always rely on the professionals for siding replacement in Marietta.

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