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Gutter Knowledge

The gutters on your home are probably something you don’t think about very often. If they are already there and doing their job, they are keeping thousands of gallons of rain water from trailing down the side of your house and leaving damage in its wake.

roof coming off rain

Repair And Maintenance

If your gutters are old and unable to do the job they were meant to do, it’s time to start looking into whether your existing guttering simply needs cleaned out or if new gutter installation is needed to protect your home. Although there may not be any trees next to your house, you may find that the reason your gutters aren’t working is from being clogged up with leaves and other debris.

If the water isn’t being blocked by debris, old, damaged gutters are probably to blame. Replacing your gutters will result in a better water wicking system that is very cost-effective. While gutters are available in a wide range of materials, from wood to fiberglass, aluminum is a flexible option that offers a number of advantages. The metal is durable, doesn’t rust, and requires very little maintenance. When you have professional aluminum gutter installation in Marietta, the ends of metal guttering can be soldered together to ensure they are leak-free.

gutter railing

Choose Your Style

Homeowners often make their choice in gutters to match the color and design of their home. Aluminum gutters can be custom made to fit the house and painted in any color wanted for a perfect match. The end result is a professionally installed gutter that looks like it was made for your home!

All gutters are either K-style, meaning they have flat bottoms and backs with decorative shapes that give them a similar appearance to crown molding, or they are half-round with the appearance of a half-round tube.

K-style gutters are more modern and have double the capacity of the half-round gutters. They also cost significantly more.

Gutter guards are placed in the top of the gutters to allow water to run freely while catching most of the larger pieces of debris. They are an essential part of an effective system that will also minimize maintenance.

Downspouts may be round or square, and they come in different widths, just as gutters do. Although decorative styles are available, most are rectangular. According to Houselogic, one downspout should be installed for every 30 to 40 linear feet of gutter. The more downspouts you install, the greater the capacity of the gutter system will be.

How Much Gutter Is Enough?

Determining how much gutter to buy can be difficult, especially for homes with multi-tiered roofs and numerous overlapping edges. The amount of rainfall normally experienced in your location also figures in to the selection of gutter style to accommodate the maximum capacity. Homeowners could overestimate the needed capacity and end up with a too-large gutter that is prone to developing ice, which will damage the gutter. Getting more gutter than necessary can also add a great deal to the overall cost. For these reasons, professional gutter installation is recommended.

Maintaining Your Gutter

Once your gutter is installed, the only maintenance you need to provide is to occasionally check for debris or any leaks that may have developed. Patch any holes immediately to keep water flowing away from your home and to prevent any damage to the walls or foundation that can be caused by excess moisture.


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