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Exterior Color Schemes

What kind of first impression does your house make on visitors? The colors you choose to paint it will have a lot to do with how others perceive it. The classic whites and beiges that you might think are boring can give homes a sense of elegance and heritage, according to HGTV. When you paint them with the lighter color and then use darker accents, it tends to give the home a softer appearance. Homeowners would be advised to limit using bright colors as a means to “express themselves” when considering the primary color. The rule of thumb for exterior painting should be that the brighter or bolder a color is, the smaller the space should be where it is applied.

colorful door

Earthy Colors

Although bright colors that make too much of an impression are not a good choice for all-over paint color, that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to pale hues that lack much pigment at all.

Colors of the earth, like olive, sage green, straw, or rattan tan, are especially appealing when used on certain types of homes. Those structures made from wood, stone, and other natural elements look great when they are covered largely, or in part, with shades that coordinate with their surroundings.

For example, a cabin or ranch style home might be painted green to reflect its place in nature. A coastal home, on the other hand, might be painted blue to reflect the colors of the sky and the ocean. Continue the theme of having the lighter shade on the majority of the house, and use the darker color for the trim.

traditional white house

Turn Tradition on Its Head

Colonial style homes are some of the most beautiful you will find in many neighborhoods. Traditionally, they are painted in a single color and are most often painted solid white. If you are torn between the classic, pristine appearance of white, add some contrasting color to the shutters and door. It won’t take away from the elegant statement of the white, but will add even more interest and make the front door more inviting.

Getting Help From Top Paint Brands

If you aren’t sure which colors you need to use together to get results that are creative and still right for the home, some top brands like Benjamin Moore have developed paint color palettes that provide you with the complementary hues that work together flawlessly. On their website, Benjamin Moore provides color combinations that enhance the architecture, character, and surroundings of a home to help you bring together two, three, or four colors to perfection.

backyard shack

The Paint Job: The Foundation

Regardless of the quality of paint you start with, or the selection of top color schemes, the quality of the paint job will be the foundation of the home’s appearance. Investing in the professionals at Dixon Painting for exterior painting in Marietta is the best way to turn your idea of what your home should look like into a reality. After all, you only have one opportunity to make a first impression.


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